Medicaid / LTSS

Reduce LTC/LTSS costs while increasing quality of life for both the caregiver & patient.

Delay nursing home placement by 21 months

Enable aging in place by supporting family caregivers with targeted resources

20% less likely to make a Medicaid LTC claim

Save money, time and frustration for everyone involved

Reduce readmits for patients in 5 DRGs

Improvements in pressure ulcers, bacterial pneumonia, COPD, CHF and UTI

How TCARE Reduced Medicaid Spending in the State of Washington

(Result from a 2 Year Pilot Study)

In 6 Months, 84% of Caregivers Reported Lower Levels of Stress and Depression

In 12 Months, Caregivers Continued to Report Lower Levels of Stress and Depression

In 2 Years, TCARE had Delayed Nursing Home Placement by 21 Months

TCARE Reduced the State's Medicaid Expenditures by $20 Million Annually

Delay nursing home placement by 21+ months

Reduce Medicaid Costs for Long-Term Support Services and Long-Term Care

Medicare Advantage / Dual

Improve health outcomes for both member & family caregiver

LTC Insurance

Have visibility on when and why a claim will be made

Area Agencies on Aging

Better engage with family caregivers

Employee Benefits

Retain top talent by providing benefits that address the employee's current life stage

Used by over 250+ organizations & 500+ care professionals, serving over 100,000+ family caregivers nationwide
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Logo “TCARE provides a consistent, objective, and reliable screening and assessment process that identifies at-risk caregivers.”
Logo CMS-1115 Approved, TCARE has been found to assist Medicaid objectives.
Logo Since 2009, the TCARE protocol has been legislatively mandated caregiver screening & assessment tool in Washington State.