It’s all about how family caregivers see themselves in their journey

Our 35+ years of research show it's not the hours spent caregiving, but the emotional toll of caregiving that leads to burnout.

Used by over 250+ organizations & 500+ care professionals, serving over 100,000+ family caregivers nationwide
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Not about the physical activities of care

Our years of longitudinal, focused studies on caregivers show certain psycho-social measures independent of ADLS or IADLS accurately predict likelihood of caregiver burnout.

Burden Measures

It’s the change of identity from loving relative to full-time caregiver

What correlates most to burnout is “identity discrepancy” — the first time a family caregiver sees themselves as caregiver first, family member second.

Am I her daughter or caregiver?

Individualized and in-depth data gathering approach within a conversation

Acknowledging the needs of the family caregiver first. Identifying the right resources at the right time, second.

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