An integrated system from screening to follow-up

TCARE is a smart, integrated solution that helps care professionals engage & intervene before a family caregiver reaches burnout


Screen for those most at risk for burnout

Quick five-minute, self-serve Screener automatically generates cases for family caregiver most at risk for burnout in TCARE’s case management system


Standardized, therapeutic clinical review

Evidence-based, intelligent algorithms generate goals & strategies of care to allow trained care professionals to build tailored care plans for any caregiver.


Continuous engagement preventing crisis

Manage risk and prevent crisis through automated and human touchpoints with the family caregiver throughout the entirety of their caregiving journey.

Smart, secure technology for any workflow

Built on science that shows it’s all about how caregivers see themselves

Family caregivers spend the most time caring for patients, yet they are the least supported member of the care team.

Used by over 250+ organizations & 500+ care professionals, serving over 100,000+ family caregivers nationwide
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Logo “TCARE provides a consistent, objective, and reliable screening and assessment process that identifies at-risk caregivers.”
Logo CMS-1115 Approved, TCARE has been found to assist Medicaid objectives.
Logo Since 2009, the TCARE protocol has been legislatively mandated caregiver screening & assessment tool in Washington State.