This is Susan.

Susan is a 46-year-old mom with a full-time job and two kids.

She is also a caregiver. She takes care of her aging father who has mild dementia and lives in his own home.

What is the name of the organization that will help her out?

Susan has been receiving material about a new caregiver program from Blue Cross Blue Shield.

With dad’s dementia getting worse, she’s been feeling quite overwhelmed. She takes the TCARE Screener on Blue Cross Blue Shield’s website.

Within a few minutes, Susan’s risk for caregiver burnout has been identified by the system.

See how she scored
Stress Burden
Identity Discrepancy
Objective Burden
Relationship Burden
Intention to Place

Caregiving-induced stress affects each caregiver differently. Once Susan's initial burden measures are taken, a care professional from Blue Cross Blue Shield is notified of her scores and will reach out.

Who is going to reach out to Susan?

Tailoring a Solution

Patricia, a TCARE-licensed care professional for Blue Cross Blue Shield contacts Susan to schedule a clinical assessment.

A case is automatically generated in TCARE’s cloud-based case management system, allowing Patricia to focus on caregivers, like Susan, who are at high-risk for burnout.


“How often have you felt hopeful about the future during this past week?”

Conversation with a purpose

In under half an hour, Patricia builds trust with Susan, gets a glimpse into Susan’s caregiving journey, and knows how to help Susan avoid burnout.

TCARE helps families

Since receiving her care plan, Susan has been attending counseling sessions to start accepting her caregiving role. With dad attending events at the senior center, Susan has been able to reclaim a bit of the week back to herself.

Less stressed, happier and feeling supported, Susan is able to continue providing care to her father at home, instead of putting him in a nursing home.

Logo “TCARE provides a consistent, objective, and reliable screening and assessment process that identifies at-risk caregivers.”
Logo CMS-1115 Approved, TCARE has been found to assist Medicaid objectives.
Logo Since 2009, the TCARE protocol has been legislatively mandated caregiver screening & assessment tool in Washington State.