Federal Grant Awarded to Implement TCARE in Wyoming


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WYOMING, UNITED STATES (May 2018)  —  Last May, The Wyoming Center on Aging and the UW Dept. of Psychology were awarded an $866,453 grant to develop and expand dementia-capable home and community-based service (HCBS) systems. This three-year grant will fund projects to connect dementia and Alzheimer’s disease patients and their caregivers to support programs in their communities.

A portion of that funding will be designated to utilize TCARE as part of Wyoming’s initiative to support family caregivers of patients with dementia. Initially developed at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee by renowned gerontologist Dr. Rhonda JV Montgomery, Ph.D. — TCARE assesses family caregivers’ social determinants of health regarding their well-being and caregiving situation. TCARE then develops a tailored care plan that connects caregivers to community resources that reduce stress and depression, promoting mental health for caregivers.

Co-founder and CEO of TCARE, Ali Ahmadi, is excited to partner with states that see the social, financial, and behavioral impact of family caregivers. “The Wyoming Center on Aging understands the clinical evidence behind the data we’ve been studying, and the outcomes we’ve been delivering,” Ahmadi says. “We [TCARE] are looking forward to an innovative and long-term relationship delivering social impact to the citizens of Wyoming.”

Robin Barry, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the UW Department of Psychology, will be the grant’s project director. Barry’s team will provide an array of support and services for individuals with dementia, from coping with the stress of diagnosis, assisting with living alone, and providing resources to their families. While most services will be provided at the University of Wyoming’s new Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Center, the team is offering additional community and first responder educational training.

“The reason I think TCARE is so important is because it focuses on strategies to help families rather than specific services. We do not have every type of service available in every Wyoming community, so a focus on strategies helps us be more creative in finding solutions that work for caregivers and the people they care for.” -Robin Barry, Ph.D., project director

About the Grant

This grant funding is intended for use in program activities that provide services to help individuals remain independent and safe in their own homes and within their communities. These HCBS programs offer education, support, and resources all while reducing institutional care-related costs. Eligible applicants included small businesses, nonprofits with or without 501©(3) status with the IRS, state governments, etc.

Published May 31, 2019

by Sarah Czirr

Communications Director at TCARE, Inc.

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